In this digital age the image has become uprooted from its physical support. By intoducing a series of alternative photographic processes, many of which have historic references this course aims to counteract this fracture.
Using the photographic image as a starting point, the course will examine and demonstrate, the choices and print methods available that go towards producing tangible pieces of work. By underlining the interaction between image and base material, new processes are explored and creative departures encouraged.
Liquid photographic emulsions will be used with art papers, fabric, glass, and perspex.
Historic techniques such as Cyanotype, Van Dyke and Gum bichromate printing will be explored for use with both papers and fabric.
An experience in working in a black and white darkroom will be of an advantage and students are encouraged to bring imagery with which to experiment.

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Student work

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Gene Kiegel - Emulsion on paper